Mathematics of Peace?

Yes, mathematics proves that World Peace is possible.

We must first know this and move toward peace before it will happen.  Understanding HOW it is possible can also be important to helping World Peace materialize on Earth.

The Universal Law of Efficiency proves the inevitability of World Peace when humans live by this law.

The Universal Law of Efficiency (ULE), discovered by Jonathan Berman, MS, states that "All systems function most efficiently without unnecessary resistance." This might seem obvious, but the connection to World Peace, although direct, is less obvious.  For more information and the full explanation of the ULE,  please see the Mathematics of Peace link.  


Together we CAN create the inevitable result of world peace if you are willing to do your small part.  This is not wishful thinking or magic.   It is based on a mathematically proven, universal law and laws of physics so it must work as described.  

Skeptical?  What have you got to lose?   Conflict?  Discrimination?  Hate?  The costs of war?  What if it works?  What positive things will come to your life if it does?  Harmony, Loving Action, Understanding, Joy!  Go ahead, try it!  Go to HOME for HOW to do your part!  Yay! You ARE the bridge to peace!